The provisions of this Regulation shall apply to clubs with the name Workit24Hours and Time To Fitness 24, linking all those who attend them, in particular their members, and without prejudice to the special rights and duties provided in the contracts concluded between the members and the PTES, Lda., owner of the brands Workit24hours and Time To Fitness 24. The strict observance of the provisions of this regulation is essential for the coexistence of all members and for the proper functioning of the clubs, so we thank the collaboration of all.


A) The services and facilities of PTES, Lda. are generally reserved for its members. The status of member is in force from your affiliation with one of our clubs, which will occur through your registration and payments provided in the price table, which is always affixed to the reception (price) and whose values and descriptions form an integral part of the this regulation. All values include IVA at the legal rate in force. The quality of membership depends on the full acceptance of the terms and conditions established herein, as well as the regulation in force. PTES, Lda. reserves the right to reject any application for accession.
B) The modalities and services available to the members of PTES, Lda. are defined in this regulation. PTES, Lda. reserves the right, at any time and unilaterally, to amend the terms and conditions set forth in the membership agreement, including but not limited to substitution of modalities, equipment available, services rendered, schedules, teachers, prices, promotions or discounts. All changes will be communicated to the members through general notice posted for the purpose in the clubs, in a well-visible place, with an advance of 30 (thirty) days, except in specific situations.
C) The PTES, Lda. provide an access card to the facilities. In case of loss, damage or miscommunication thereof, the member shall immediately communicate this fact to PTES, Lda., being the same replaced, by paying a fee of €25 (twenty-five euros). In view of the personal and nontransferable character of the said card, it is forbidden to sell, loan or transfer to others. The misuse of the card is penalised with the application of a fine of €75 (75 Euros), for each transgression, and with the cancellation of the registration of the member, if so the administration understands it, making its sums already paid.


A) to perform registration at PTES, Lda. is required:
– Sign the membership admission form;
– Present valid identification document and NIF;
– Deliver proof of NIB (for the annual contract option);
– Opt for one of the monthly fees in the price table;
– Make payment of the registration that included, the personal accident insurance, valid and renewable for periods of one year, an initial orientation and nutrition consultations, as well as the first monthly.
B) The membership period of the member is annual – corresponding to a period of 12 (twelve) months, counted from the date of the beginning of the contract – and the registration may be held at any time of the year.
C) All direct debit agreements are protected against any type of price increase, except if there is an increase in VAT over the period of 12 (twelve) months.
D) membership will be automatically renewed if the member does not manifest to the administration of PTES, Lda. Its intention not to renew the same, in accordance with clause 7 (B).
Upon renewal of the contract, you will be charged for direct debit the value of the personal accident insurance that is annual.
For members who do not have a contract, the payment of personal accident insurance is done at the counter or via the website, by bank transfer, ATM or Paypal.
E) The verification of delays in payments, or their lack, implies the impossibility of access to the facilities of PTES, Lda. On the part of the member. After three (3) months in debt, followed or merged, the collection process will be initiated through the company INTRUM JUSTITIA, with the appropriate penalties provided for in point 3 (G).
F) The member has three methods of payment, opting for one of them with the subscription of the contract:
– Total Annual Payment – Ready payment. (No right to return any amounts in case of withdrawal).
– Monthly Direct Debit – payment of the first monthly fee to the counter, cash or Multibanco. All remaining tuition fees are paid by direct debit on the first business day of each month, or in the event of a fortnightly debit on the dates indicated in the calendar at the beginning of each year. When the debit is refused, it will be carried out in the attempt to charge by direct debit, in return for lack of balance will be imposed fine at the value of 5 (five) euros. The change in the bank account indicated for the payment of the payments obliges the member to inform the administrative services of PTES, Lda., with a minimum advance of 30 (thirty) days in relation to the next debit.
– Payment at the reception of clubs/Site – The member pays the registration fee, valid for one year, and the first monthly (without contract), will later only have to pay the months you want to train, for the amount posted in the price table.
G) If the member cancels the direct debit authorization, or requests to revoke it, without any prior notice, PTES, Lda. Shall have the right to charge an extra fee of €10 (ten euros) for each missing month, and the right to charge the entire remaining amount of the missing period until the end of the contract, and the proceeding to the INTRUM JUSTITIA company, with procedural costs Applied to the member in the amount of €50 (50 euros) and/or will be brought lawsuit through legal means.
H) Tuition:
– Monthly Contract Tuition – €19.99 (nineteen euros and 99 cents) – This contract is valid for 12 (twelve) months and payment is made by direct debit. In order to cancel the same, the member will always have to give a 30 (thirty) day notice, in accordance with the form of cancellation described in point 7 (B) of this regulation.
– Tuition without loyalty – monthly value of €29.99 (twenty-nine euros and 99 cents) – No contract and no loyalty; The member only pays the month in which he intends to train.
– Family tuition – monthly value of €14.99 (fourteen euros and 99 cents) – only valid if there are 3 persons of the same household (ascendants or descendants), if one of the interveners cancels, the remainder pass to the option Contract tuition.
– Tuition students and pensioners – monthly value of €17.99 (seventeen euros and 99 cents) – Valid for students up to 21 years old and retired with more than 66 years or retired for invalidity. From 22 years of age all students pass to the monthly contract.


The minimum age to conclude a contract with PTES, Lda. is 18 (eighteen) years.
If the member is a minor, he/she can only carry out the registration duly accompanied by his legal representative, who will sign a contract with PTES, Lda. At the time of accession, the legal representative will also sign an authorisation so that the minor can attend the club. In the Act of signing this authorization, the legal representative assumes full responsibility for the physical integrity of the minor, as well as for any situation that may occur with the minor, including but not limited to eventual breakdowns, damages or other Damage it may cause at the clubs ‘ premises. The minimum age to attend the club is 14 (fourteen) years, also applicable to visitors or guests.


PTES, Lda. reserves the right to refuse reimbursement of any sums, duly calculated and received for the payment of its services.


PTES, Lda. reserves the right to resolve, without justification, the membership agreement of a member.
PTES, Lda. May suspend or terminate the membership agreement of any member who has behavioural violations of the rules in force, or that may endanger the health and welfare of other members as well as club staff, cause damage to the premises, materials or equipment, or that may, in any way, affect the club’s reputation without any prior notice or return of amounts already charged. The member also has the obligation to return your card.


A) If the member requests transfer from the contract to another person, he/she must pay an administrative fee of €15 (fifteen euros). This value includes an addendum to the existing agreement, as well as the reuse of the same entry card.
If a new card is to be used, the amount payable will be €35 (35 euros).
Any initial offer is not transferred to the new member.
B) The contract may be cancelled by the member, before its expiry, or in its renewal, through a registered letter, sent to the company’s headquarters, located at Rua Cipriano Dourado, N. º 14-B, 1600-428 Lisbon, or personally fill in one of our clubs, the Cancellation form, with a notice of 30 (thirty) days on the date on which it intends to produce effects, directed to PTES, Lda.
If the 30 (thirty) day notice is not fulfilled, PTES, Lda. You have the right to charge the following tuition fee.
In the act of cancelling the contract, or on the last day of training, the member is obliged to return your membership card. If you do not, you will be obliged to pay the same, in the amount of €25 (twenty-five euros).
This will also apply to members who have made the membership through the “no Contract” option; At the end of the annuity, they are also obliged to return the card.


A) The visitor who shows interest in doing a daily workout will have to fill out a disclaimer and risk assumption at the club’s reception.
B) He who is already a member may bring two persons per year as guests, who should proceed as provided in the preceding paragraph.
C) Visitors/guests may only attend the club at the time of the receptions.
D) Guests and or visitors are subject to the same rules and conditions of use of the club applicable to the members.
E) The administration of the club reserves the right of admission of guests/visitors.


A) Each member must be accompanied COMPULSORILY with a training towel and tennis that do not come directly from the street.
B) The members must put all equipment and free weights in place, after use.
C) The members shall use the machines only for the time required to perform the intended exercises.
D) You are not allowed to carry bags or backpacks to the training rooms.
E) Personal trainers that do not belong to clubs are not allowed.
F) The member who voluntarily or by irresponsible use damages a device, equipment or instrument used in the club will be obliged to regularize his/her repair or indemnify the club for the amount practiced in the current market, without prejudice to other punishments , including contractual termination, without any charge to be borne by the club. This value is liable for execution, with the implication of the payment of the procedural charges and attorneys ‘ fees to be borne by the member.
G) If the member does not know how to use the equipment available at the club, he/she must request instructions on how to operate them at the reception, so that the club coordinators can forward the member to one of the available Personal Trainers, With a prior payment of the service.
H) The members should avoid any behaviour that disturbs the other members.


A) All members will be entitled to a random individual locker. The lockers are equipped with a lock, and the member must bring a padlock in order to store his assets.
B) at the end of their use, they should leave the locker open and without any good inside.
C) If the club finds that the member makes improper use of the locker, reserves the right to open the locker and remove the goods that are there. If after one week they are not claimed and raised at the reception, they will be donated to a charitable institution (except for rented lockers).
D) In some of our clubs, there is the possibility of renting a locker, for the amount posted in the price list. Payment can be made by direct debit if the member wishes.
E) in case of debt in the rental of the locker, the belongings will only be returned after payment of the same.
F) If you lose your locker key and the club’s reception is closed, please contact the emergency number posted in all our clubs. If you damage your locker when attempting to open it, you will be charged for the repair costs.


A) The members must treat with education and civility the other members, as well as the employees and administrators of the club, respecting goods and people.
B) No insulting, abusive or gross language is permitted, as well as any behaviour that disturbs the welfare or activities of other members or the normal functioning of the club.
C) access to the club of members that are under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other illicit substances will not be permitted. The club has the right to request medical examinations if it suspects the use of illicit substances before the member can go back to the club.
D) Smoking is prohibited in any area of the clubs, including in the locker rooms.
E) Pets are not allowed to enter or stay in the clubs, except for assistance dogs.
F) Failure to comply with the rules referred to in this chapter may be grounds for termination of the agreement.


For safety and health reasons, the members must comply with the following standards:
– The garments of the members should be clean and should be appropriate to the practice of physical exercise;
– The footwear used for the practice of physical activity in clubs may not be used outside the premises;
– The use of a workout towel is mandatory;
– Children under the age of 14 (fourteen) years cannot attend the premises, and no member can bring minors into them;
– The installations of PTES, Lda. are intended for the practice of physical activities. The member can not sleep or reside in the same, and can only eat within our facilities the food that he purchases in our vending machines;
– Food intake is not allowed inside the exercise rooms;
– Respect and enforce the indications that are affixed to the premises;
– The members shall make a correct and prudent use of all the material to which they have access;
– It is not allowed to train in change naked, barefoot or slippers.


– Members can use clubs 365 days a year. Each club has its operating hours posted, or through our website www.timetofitness24.com.
– Our receptions work from Monday to Friday, from 11am to 14h and from 15h to 20h.
– PTES, Lda. reserves the right to change the operating hours of the receptions or clubs, where deemed necessary.


The lost objects found by the club staff will be donated to solidarity institutions, if they have been retained by PTES, Lda. For fifteen (15) days, are not raised or claimed by their holders. PTES, Lda. Assumes no responsibility for the lost objects, or for the belongings of the members forgotten in the clubs, rending the holder to any compensation or indemnity.


A) The members may adhere to a possible promotion in force at the time of registration, and will have a duration of one (1) year. In the event of renewal of the accession, the amounts to be applied to the subsequent monthly fees shall be the constants of the price list in force, without promotions or campaigns, (except for students up to 21 years or retired). Contracts with promotion apply the same rules for cancelling contracts without promotions.
B) Campaigns and/or promotions are not combinable with others in force.
C) Members who benefit from special conditions as a result of corporate protocols, will have to make proof of their situation annually, to maintain the contracted conditions, otherwise they automatically pass to the monthly contract, In the current price list.


A) PTES, Lda. reserves the right to maintain all equipment and other electronic appliances, among others, whenever deemed necessary and at any time without notice.
B) Whenever the administration considers it necessary, it will change, modify or work in the clubs, placing a prominent notice on the reception and on the website for an indefinite period.


A) The members must communicate at the reception of the club, as soon as possible, any change of address, telephone, e-mail or NIB that they have provided at the time of their registration, in order to ensure good communication and service delivery. Otherwise, the club reserves the right to block or suspend the entry of the member in the premises, until it has all the correct information.
All members data are subjected to automatic data processing. Under the Data Protection Act and subsequent updates, and by signing the membership agreement, the member gives his/her express consent for the PTES, Lda. Processing your personal data. In turn, PTES, Lda. Implemented the appropriate measures to ensure the security of information.
B) The access or permanence of the club may be prevented from refusing to pay the services it intends to use, and to those who do not demonstrate proper behaviour, causing disturbances or acts of violence.
C) To PTES, Lda. makes available to any claims, requests or suggestions of the members, which must be made personally or in writing, directed to the club administration.
D) PTES, Lda undertakes to maintain its facilities with adequate equipment, maintaining good environmental conditions appropriate to the practice of physical exercise.
E) The members will be informed of the regulation at the time of their registration, however this is posted at the reception.
F) This regulation is an integral part of the membership agreement of each member.
G) to PTES, Lda. Liability may not be imputed in the event of losses due to damage, theft or theft of the belongings of the members or of visitors/guests within their premises, both in objects and personal values, or in vehicles parked in the areas surrounding.
H) The admission of the members assumes by the tenderer the acceptance and full compliance of all conditions, regulations, norms and prices.
I) The claim of ignorance of this regulation cannot be accepted as an argument for non-compliance, since the registration will not be effective without being signed as a form of agreement. PTES, Lda. reserves the right to amend this Regulation by a general communication, which is placed in a very visible place.
J) The contract of accession is regulated in accordance with the Portuguese law in force, and the courts of the District of Lisbon will be competent to resolve any conflicts between customers and PTES, Lda. Related to the validity, interpretation, fulfillment and execution of the membership agreement.