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F. A. Q.

The members of the club have a personalized card that lets them come in and train when it is convenient for them during the week , either at the end of the week and holidays.

Yes and for free. Sign up here and don’t forget to fill in the information about time and facilities in our contact form. This training can only be done during our working hours.

Yes, of course, if the member requests transfer of the contract to another person must pay an administrative fee of 15€ (fifteen euros) . This value includes an addendum to the existing contract as well as the reuse of the same entry card. In case it has to be used another card the amount will be of 35€ (thirty five euros). Any initial offer is not transferred to the new partner.

Yes, you can cancel your contract. The cancellation must be requested, by email,  30 days in advance of the next debit. 

The monthly fee is deducted via direct debit in the first week of each month. Your bank account must have a balance on the previous day of payment, so that the operation of direct debit can be taken. We advise all our members to continually check your bank statements.

In this case we will charge a fee of $ 5.00 for each monthly payment returned.

If payment is not received in the first 10 days of each month, the card is blocked. While not to pay the debt may not be able to use our clubs. This is also a way of recognizing that something is wrong with the process of payment. If you have problems in the entry (red light), please contact the reception desk or through e-mail

Yes, it is very important that the member inform us of all changes of your data in advance, especially in relation to the NIB. In this case you will have to let us know until the 20th of the month prior to payment, so that we can make the change in the computer.

Do not, ever, under any circumstances, you should let someone who does not himself enter the premises with your card, and no child can be taken inside of the premises. Will be applied a fine in the amount of 75€ (Seventy five euros), in the event any of these situations happen. If even after the fine return going these situations you need the Timetofitness24 the right to terminate the contract of adhesion, having the partner pay for the missing value until the terminus of the contract.

No, the entry in the Clubs is strictly reserved to members, it does not matter if the friend is only waiting or just interested in visiting the club (or any other similar situation where an individual does not have authorized access). To have breached this rule, the card will be suspended, is subject to payment of a fine of 75€ (Seventy five euros)and the contract will be cancelled and partner pay for the missing value until the terminus of the contract.

No, it may not allow access, under any circumstances can leave another person apart from the cardholder to enter in the clubs. To have breached this rule, the card will be suspended , is subject to payment of a fine of 75€ (Seventy five euros)and the contract will be cancelled and partner pay for the missing value until the terminus of the contract.
The Member should contact the reception during opening hours and check the reason that led to not functioning of your card.

Swipe your card at the card reader to open the door, only persons with a valid credit card and identification are authorized to stay in our clubs.

Children may not be brought to the Clubs in the zones without answering to the public for security reasons.

Guests are not permitted to make the exercise even though let “vouchers” or vouchers for training, or even when to commit to pay later the value of daily workout 5€.

To monitor the compliance with these rules, we have systems of video surveillance and 24-hour records of the identification cards of each member in our computer system.

Any rule of law infringed, leads to the immediate cancellation of access to our clubs, as well as the cancellation of the contract.



For strength exercises, our free weights area has a wide range of dumbbells, bars, benches, cable cross and various types of ropes and cables.


If you want to do a brief warming or cardio workout, we offer the best cardio equipment, with world-leading brands such as STAR TRAC. The space consists of treadmills, elliptical, bicycles and rowing machines. All machines are simple and easy to use.


Abdominal, Cross Training and Gluteus classes. join our group classes at our gymnasiums. Varied schedules, excellent environment, modern equipment and a large community of friends. Get Fit with us!.


Power, abdominal and stretching machines. Our power machines are easy to use and fit all physical fitness levels, allowing you to work all the muscles in your body. To perform abdominal and stretching, there is an area of its own for the effect equipped with comfortable mattresses, Pilates balls and instruments for balancing exercises.



In the TIME TO FITNESS 24, and because we care about the well-being and privacy of our members, we have at our disposal a training room for exclusive access for the Ladies (access is done only through the use of the identification card) equipped with a variety and diversity of our best equipment cardio, strength, stretching, crunches, and dumbbells in order to preserve the convenience and comfort according to your needs and requirements.

This room still has a bathhouse with showers, toilets and lockers. All of this to feel always at ease while training, within a friendly, quiet and pleasant.

We are waiting for you!



The Personal Trainer is a professional trained and specialized within the area of the physical exercise that prescribes, monitors and adapts the training specifically to the needs of the client and their goals. In the TIME TO FITNESS 24, and within our concept we have sought to combine professional excellence, to offer services diversified within the individual training, at a reduced cost so that we can offer our clients the best results within your goals with the maximum of personal satisfaction.
Through a rigorous assessment and detailed, the Personal Trainer identifies factors of risk of health through a medical history clinic, measures the physical capacity current through specific tests and recognize the habits and life-style in order to create a training program individualized way to achieve the goals of a sustainable, effective and safe;
The trade-off between the Personal Trainer and client is the basis of a work that is done in a team, thus assuring a visible progress allied to a motivation, each time more increasing;
The Security in the practice of physical exercise is crucial, and the Personal Trainer at your side will prevent injury unnecessarily;
Learning is an aspect to take into account when you train with a PT, they not only will eventually “discover” itself as you will know how you should train when you are by yourself to achieve the goals. Even on days you don’t train with one of our PTs, you will have all of the particulars for your training run in the best way, within the context and program of work. The Personal Trainer, always promotes the autonomy of his client;
The low Investment now, you can have your Personal Trainer, allows you to make the most of your time working for the current objectives, allowing you to self-propose to new challenges constantly.


Flexible plans for every level of fitness