Modern companies are increasingly paying attention to human capital, to their performance and productivity. Annually invest a lot in training, advertising and marketing, all in support of increased productivity.

Some of these companies are unaware that the performance of its employees is directly related to your physical and psychological status.The bet on the encouragement of the practice of physical exercise, is without a doubt the most cost-effective way that companies have to increase their productivity.

The Time To Fitness 24 has developed a strategy that allows to the companies, provide its employees with the practice of physical exercise in our gyms and values very attractive.

We have created advantageous conditions for that, or is the company or the employee to invest in the improvement of their physical condition, to enjoy all the added benefits to the practice of regular physical exercise.
Invest in your company through your human capital, that surely is the most precious asset that you own.

Contact us and discover all the benefits of exercise and how they can influence the results of the productivity of its employees.

Janaina Guedes
Marketing and Sales Department

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