In Time to Fitness24 you can train in our Gymnasium 365 Days a year with no limit of hours, at the best price in the market!

You will find a young, dynamic and available team in each of our clubs. machines of last generation, allowing an easy and safe use of them!

We did our part providing a concept where you can have all the time and freedom to do physical exercise and take care of You!!

Come and meet us in person. Train with the best quality at the best price. From 3.75 € / week without Loyalty. Get Fit with Us!

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The importance of functional training

There are many workouts and modalities that are emerging over time. One of the most recent is functional training. There are different goals that can lead to exercise practice, from weight loss, muscle mass gain or stress relief. Or you may simply want to exercise to improve your health and your daily movements. This is […]

7 goals for practicing physical exercise

If you want to start practicing physical exercise or be more assiduous in the gym, it is important that you set goals. You can measure your progress, challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Only then will you notice its growth. A well-defined goal will also motivate you to go to practice when […]

12 benefits of training every week

At the very least, the daily practice of 30 minutes of exercise is recommended, according to the National Health Service. The gym is the ideal place to follow this recommendation and improve your quality of life. In this article, we will present 12 benefits of training every week either in the gym or in outdoor […]