A personal trainer at a small cost

The Personal Trainer is a professional trained and specialized within the area of the physical exercise that prescribes, monitors and adapts the training specifically to the needs of the client and their goals.

In the TIME TO FITNESS 24, and within our concept we have sought to combine professional excellence, to offer services diversified within the individual training, at a reduced cost so that we can offer our clients the best results within your goals with the maximum of personal satisfaction.

As he has been a Personal Trainer and what are the advantages?

  • Through a rigorous assessment and detailed, the Personal Trainer identifies factors of risk of health through a medical history clinic, measures the physical capacity current through specific tests and recognize the habits and life-style in order to create a training program individualized way to achieve the goals of a sustainable, effective and safe;
  • The trade-off between the Personal Trainer and client is the basis of a work that is done in a team, thus assuring a visible progress allied to a motivation, each time more increasing;
  • The Security in the practice of physical exercise is crucial, and the Personal Trainer at your side will prevent lesione unnecessarily;
  • Learning is an aspect to take into account when you train with a PT, they not only will eventually “discover” itself as you will know how you should train when you are by yourself to achieve the goals. Even on days you don’t train with one of our PTs, you will have all of the particulars for your training run in the best way, within the context and program of work. The Personal Trainer, always promotes the autonomy of his client;
  • The low Investment now, you can have your Personal Trainer, allows you to make the most of your time working for the current objectives, allowing you to self-propose to new challenges constantly.