If you want to do a brief warming or cardio workout, we offer the best cardio equipment, with world-leading brands such as STAR TRAC. The space consists of treadmills, elliptical, bicycles and rowing machines. All machines are simple and easy to use.

Lady Fitness

An exclusive access training room for ladies (Access made only through the use of the identification card) equipped with a variety and diversity of our best equipment.


For strength exercises, our free weights area has a wide range of dumbbells, bars, benches, cable cross and various types of ropes and cables.

Power, abdominal and stretching machines

Our power machines are easy to use and fit all physical fitness levels, allowing you to work all the muscles in your body. To perform abdominal and stretching, there is an area of its own for the effect equipped with comfortable mattresses, pilates balls and instruments for balancing exercises.

Personal Training

Personal Trainer is a professional trained and specialized within the area of physical exercise that prescribes, accompanies and adapts the training specifically to your needs and objectives.

Abdominal classes, Cross Training and gluteus

Make your membership and join our group classes at our gymnasiums. Varied schedules, excellent environment, modern equipment and a large community of friends. Get Fit with us!